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Giving clients discounts

How do you enter a discount after accepting a booking.

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  • After 5 days Of staying in my home I can offer an amount of $18

    per day instead of $30 per day

  • Could you pls add in a feature where the owner has to say approx time of delivery, and approximate time of collection ? I have had occasions where the dogs will be delivered early in the morning but collected in the evening. This becomes an additional day of caring for the dog but is not chargeable with the way the system is currently designed..

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  • Hi - I too would like to see a discount feature available.
    This would be extremely handy to offer to repeat customers or for those who book services longer than for just the occasional day here and there.

  • Yes I agree with Natasha about the approx time of drop of and pick up. I needs to change. It would make things easier for the sitter and keep the owners accountable.

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