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Pet Owner no longer responding to messages - does it look bad to decline those bookings?


I have two bookings where I replied to the owners within the recommended 30 minutes.

The Pet owners have either been initially engaged or just never responded to my quick reply to begin with.

NOTE: due to the lack of response these bookings are still in the PENDING stage as a 'meet and greet' hasn't been possible due to lack of owner response.

It's a bit frustrating.

  • How do I get those owners to cancel their booking request? 
  • OR am I able to report them (owner) as somewhat unresponsive?

  • If I decline those bookings, 1) should I communicate this to the non-responsive owner first? 2) how will declining multiple bookings  affect my sitter ranking/profile?

  • It depends on how long you have waited for their responses, but I suggest you simply decline their booking requests rather than feeling frustrated. It doesn’t affect your profile anyway. I always give them a time for replying to my message between 48 - 72 hours. When the time comes, I let them know that I will cancel their bookings by the certain time; e.g. lunchtime, or by 22:00. Then, completely cancel bookings. That way, at least I’m doing the right thing. And also, I suggest to turn off “Last Minute Booking Availability” during the season. It dramatically reduces unresponsive owners. Please ensure that you turn it on again after the holiday season.
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