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How do I sign up to be a Mad Paws Pet Sitter and is it free?

Signing up and creating your Mad Paws Pet Sitting profile is extremely easy and absolutely free.  To become a Pet Sitter on Mad Paws you will need to sign up to Mad Paws and create your Sitter profile. To find more information about what it's like to become a Pet Sitter on Mad Paws, have a look at our 'Become a Sitter' page. 

Note: If you are under 18, you will need to follow the additional steps outlined, here.

To sign up and create your pet sitting profile, follow these steps: 

1. Sign up to Mad Paws and create a profile. 

2.  You will then receive a confirmation email to your inbox! When you open up your email, click on 'Confirm Email'. 

3. After you have confirmed your email, you will be directed to your profile on the Mad Paws website - Welcome to the Mad Paws Pack! Add a profile picture to help other users get to know you before booking so that they can put a face to the name. Then, follow the steps to fill in your contact information in your profile. 

4. To apply and register as a Pet Sitter, go to the Registration Form in your dashboard. 

5. When you're in the Registration Form, follow the instructions to fill in information about your services, and your description! 


  • We have many services that you can select so choose the ones which you can offer - the more the better!
  • Upload as many photos as you can, of your home and pets! This will give pet owners a better idea of what you and your home looks like. 
  • We recommend that you request testimonials from friends, family members, or a previous client who's familiar with your past pet minding experience, and with you and your personality skills.
  • After this your profile will need to go through our verification process before it is live on our website. 
  • If you are only offering out of home services such as Pet Sitting, 3. Extended Profile will not apply to you. Feel free to enter any information into this section, as it will not apply on your profile!

6. Now you've signed up to be a Mad Paws Sitter! Now you can follow the verification steps in your dashboard to become approved. Click on 'Go To Online Course' to complete our short Mad Paws Training Course. 

7. You will need to upload your certificate which you will receive in your email upon completion. The last step is to then upload your proof of identity:

Once you are approved as a Mad Paws Sitter, you can start earning money from your Pet Sitter services! Mad Paws charges a sitter fee, which covers:

  • Our 10 million dollar liability insurance policy, which covers you and your client’s pets.
  • The use of our website to meet new clients, manage, and rapidly expand your business.
  • The marketing and promotion of the website to attract new clients for you to our site.
  • It also covers your access to our awesome local customer service team! 

This fee allows us to not only to help you grow as a business and service for pets but also to help us grow as a business.

Have fun pet sitting!

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