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How do I sign up to be a Mad Paws Pet Sitter and is it free?

Awesome you've decided to become a Mad Paws Pet Sitter! We’re excited for you to join our Pack, and this article will walk you through it.

To get started, you’ll need photo ID and it will take about 25-30 mins

To become a Sitter you need to be at least 18 years old and have any of the following ID:

·         Passport

·         Driving License

·         National ID card

·         State issued Proof of Age card

If you are under 18, you will need to follow the additional steps outlined here

Creating a Pet Sitter Profile is simple

Step 1: Follow the instructions to create an Account

Fill in your details to create an account. You can use Facebook or email address to sign up.

Step 2: Set up your Profile

After registering with Mad Paws, you will need to create a Sitter profile. This is where you set prices for the services you will offer. This is a good opportunity to tell prospective Owners:

·         About yourself

·         What you bring to the table as a Pet Sitter (e.g. sending frequent updates to a client during a booking, regular walks for the dogs in your care, etc)  

·         Any experience or training you may have

Your profile is where you will need to upload a couple of photos:

·         A profile photo (preferably one with you and a pet)

·         Several pet-friendly photos for your Photo Gallery

Step 3: Complete Our Pet Sitting 101 Course and Quiz

Our course has been created to help teach new Sitters about Mad Paws; how an Owner will find your profile; and tips to become the best Sitter on our platform!

·         This course will teach you about Pet Sitting, including tips and tricks to improve your profile

·         Educate you about our Accident Cover and Public Liability Insurance

·         Give you a Certificate to Upload to your Sitter Profile

Step 3: Submit your application and your ID

After completing your application, you will need to upload a photo of your ID and your Course Certificate. Our Customer Service team will then review your profile and ID. If these are acceptable, we will approve your profile within a week.  We may ask for more information if needed 

Step 4: Download our App

Our App is the fastest way to communicate with prospective Owners. Search Mad Paws in the App Store or Google Play Store



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