Mad Paws is a pet sitting platform which is now home to thousands of pet sitters across Australia. We've built out our search algorithms to help make sure that we match our pet owners with their perfect pet sitters and vice-versa. These search algorithms are primarily driven by the number of reviews you have from bookings that have happened through Mad Paws, but there are many ways you can personally help improve your ranking to get started.

Here are some simple tips which can help increase your search ranking/position, which will make it easier for potential pet client's near you to find you:

  • Respond to inquiries as quickly as possible; our top pet sitters respond to 100% of the booking requests within 24 hours;
  • Apply for some badges: You can also look at adding badges to your profile. Badges help boost your ranking on our website, and make your profile more attractive to potential clients. To see what badges you are eligible for, click here;
  • Adding great testimonials from past pet sitting experiences. By adding some testimonials to your profile, it will increase your chances of getting your first pet sitting job. You can add testimonials through your Mad Paws dashboard.  
  • Provide a great experience will get you repeat bookings and loyal customers. One way to do this is to continuously send photos through the Mad Paws website, to assure pet owners that their pets are getting extra special care and attention. Another way is to tell the pet owner how amazing the experience was and that you'd love to watch them again;
  • You can also promote yourself in your local area, and refer customers straight to your profile. To find out more about this, click here

If you need a hand we're always just a click away. Either start a conversation with us at the bottom right hand side of this page, or open up a support ticket just above this article.