Updating your Calendar

To update your calendar, log into your account and go to your Mad Paws Calendar here. Or, you can go to your dashboard and select your Calendar.

To change your availability, whether or not you are taking a break or coming back to pet sitting after a break, you will need to do this through the calendar section of your pet service profile. 

Planning a Trip to Get Away? Or Have Some Commitments Planned?

To update your calendar, go to your Mad Paws Calendar here and log into Mad Paws. 

  1. Do you think you might be unavailable for Pet Hosting for this week because you've got friends over, but you're still available for Dog Walking, or Pet Sitting?
  2. Do you tend to get a lot of booking requests in the holidays and want to set a Holiday surcharge rate for the week?
  3. Perhaps a Pet Owner insists that their dog is to be the only pet at your home and you can't take in any more dogs for those days?
  4. Do you want to see all your upcoming paid bookings for selected days?

If you would like to do any of the above, go ahead and click on the respective links!

Taking a Break from Pet Sitting on Mad Paws?

If you want to take a temporary break from Pet Sitting on Mad Paws, go to your Calendar and under the heading Taking a break?, click 'Away' then click 'Save'. This will change your availability to unavailable and will prevent your services from being booked. When you want to come back to Pet Sitting remember to change your status back to 'Active'!

You can also change your availability to repeat customers only. If you feel that a current client you have at the moment is keeping you a very busy, then you can just change your status to 'Repeat Only' under the heading Got enough customers? on your Calendar. 

Calendar Legend

Available for all services             

Available for only some services


Day with paid booking