If the booking hasn't been paid for, you can still cancel the booking from your Booking details page. However if the booking has already been paid for, then you will need to email us immediately to process the cancellation and refund. 

Mad Paws aims to ensure that once a booking is paid for, it is secured and locked in. We understand that sometimes Pet Sitters need to cancel, either due to emergency or an unavoidable circumstance. However, once a booking has been paid for we want to keep cancellations by Pet Sitters to a minimum. This is for a number of reasons; to make sure Sitters get paid for the jobs they complete, and so Owners are guaranteed the service. 

Please Note: If a Pet Sitter cancel's a paid booking, we will be refunding the full amount paid, to the Owner, and we will help the Pet Owner find a replacement Pet Sitter. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation we may flag the Pet Sitter's profile. If two paid bookings are cancelled within three months, Mad Paws may suspend or remove the Pet Sitter's profile.