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New Mad Paws Calendar Feature!

Happy New Year to everyone in the Mad Paws Pack - all our lovely Mad Paws Pet Sitters, Pet Owners and every Furrtastic pet!! Now that the holiday season is over, we've listened to your continuous feedback and we are finally launching one of our most exciting updates - a new Calendar for the new year!

This new feature would be sure to make Mad Paws Pet Sitters' and Pet Owners' lives much, much easier.

Here are the awesome new things that you can do:

  1. Have you ever wanted to show potential Pet Owners that you might be unavailable for Pet Hosting for this week because you've got friends over, but you're still available for Dog Walking, or Pet Sitting?
  2. Or maybe in the Easter season, you tend to get a lot of booking requests and you want to set a Holiday surcharge rate over the weekend?
  3. Perhaps a Pet Owner insists that their dog is to be the only pet at your home and you want to show others that you can't take in any more dogs for those days?
  4. Or you just wanted to see all your upcoming paid bookings for selected days?

Well you can now, with our new Mad Paws Calendar!

This means that on specific days, you can choose to offer different services, have a varied number of pets you are willing to mind, and even change your prices for different days of the year! This feature will enable our Mad Paws Pet Sitters to have more control of their services, availability and capacity. 

The Mad Paws Calendar with a new look!

Available for all services             

Available for only some services


Day with paid booking               

In addition to this awesome calendar functionality, we've also included Calendar Reminders!

If you decline a booking request because you're unavailable for those dates, you will be reminded and prompted to update your calendar. The more you update your calendar, the higher you can maintain your ranking!

 No more receiving booking requests on days you're unavailable!

And if you haven't updated your calendar in a month, you be reminded again to update your calendar. This will make it easier for Pet Owners to find your profile and send you a booking request only when you're available!

Hope everyone is already loving these new features and can't wait to try the new Calendar out!

- The Mad Paws Team

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