Updating your Calendar

To update your calendar, log into your account and go to your Mad Paws Calendar here. Or, you can go to your dashboard and select your Calendar.

Adding Peak Pricing or a Holiday Surcharge

To add Peak Pricing, or a Holiday Surcharge, all you have to do is to modify your services and prices on your Mad Paws Calendar!

Example Scenario

Let's say it's the Easter holidays, and you usually get a high number of booking requests for these days. So for the dates 14 - 17 April, you want to raise the price of Pet Hosting from your regular price of $40 per night, to $50 per night.  

1. Select 14 April on the calendar, and select 'Update Calendar' on the right side of the screen.


2. Select the dates from 14 to 17 April in the Calendar, then select 'Yes' for availability, and select 'More Options'. 

3. Once you do this, the Services section will expand, and there you will be able to choose the service, price and pet spaces for those days. Select a service by clicking on the 'All services' drop down box.

4. To raise the price to $50 for a particular service, like Pet Hosting, select "Pet Hosting - Away From Home" in the first drop down box.

5. Type 50 in the third box and press 'Save'. All done! 

You can set a different price for your other services if you wish, such as Dog Walking, and Pet Sitting. 

6. You will then receive a green success alert at the top of your page!


Calendar Legend

Available for all services             

Available for only some services


Day with paid booking          

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