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What fees or commission are Pet Sitters charged?

To help cover the costs, Mad Paws charges the Pet Sitters a small percentage fee (or commission) for every booking that is made through Mad Paws. This is referred to as "Our Service Fee". Mad Paws also charges our Pet Owners a Booking Fee for every booking. This is also outlined in our Terms of Service

Our Service Fee amounts to 15% of the Pet Service Fee (including GST) for Sitters that signed up before June 29 2017 09:59pm AEST. Sitters that signed up after this cut-off date are charged 20% of the Pet Service Fee.

Our Service Fee is a percentage which is charged to every booking made through Mad Paws. Our Service Fee makes sure that every booking is covered by the following:

  • Our 10 million dollar public liability policy & Mad Paws Accident Cover, which covers you and your client’s pets;
  • The use of our website to meet new clients, manage, and rapidly expand your business;
  • The marketing and promotion of the website to attract new clients for you to our site;
  • It also covers your access to our awesome customer service team! 

Our Service Fee is only deducted once a booking has been completed and the Pet Owner has confirmed the end of the stay. Once this has happened, the total payout fee (the Pet Service fee, minus the percentage), will be entered into the Pet Sitter's balance. The Pet Sitter can then go ahead and redeem their payment

If you need to cancel a booking once it has been paid, please click here to find out how.

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