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What fees are the Pet Owners charged?

To help cover the cost of Mad Paws we charge our Pet Owners a small Booking Fee. 

The Booking Fee is effective and applicable to:

  • All new Owners located in the state of Victoria who signed up to the Mad Paws Platform after 11.59pm AEST April 17th, 2017;
  • New Owners located in all other states (excluding Victoria) who signed up to the Mad Paws Platform after 09.15am AEST May 30th, 2017.

Owners that signed up to the Mad Paws platform before the above mentioned cut-off dates are currently not subject the Booking Fee. Mad Paws' Pet Sitter's are also charged Our Service Fee for every booking, this is also outlined in our Terms of Service

The Booking Fee is in place to make sure that Mad Paws can continue to run as we are, and to continue to offer the best pet sitting service possible. The booking fee that is charged differs for every booking as it relates to the number of sessions/days/nights in a booking. Meaning that the longer a booking, the higher the fee will be. The total fee will be displayed in the booking details page before the payment has been made. Once the payment has been made, Mad Paws is unable to refund the booking Fee, unless the Pet Sitter cancels the booking. 

Mad Paws charges Owners a small booking fee*. Here's why:

  • To cover Mad Paws' costs for our Trust & Safety and Customer Experience teams
  • Continuous improvements to Mad Paws' website and mobile apps
  • Thorough Pet Sitter screening and ID checks

* The booking fee is additional of the service and cannot exceed $40 per booking.

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