There are two ways to add a pet on the Mad Paws website:

1. Add a Pet on your Dashboard.

Adding a pet on your Dashboard is the best way to add a pet. It allows you to enter the greatest details about your furry friend, and even add photos. Instructions on how to add a pet can be found below:

1. Log into the Mad Paws website,

2. Click on the Add Pet button under the Your Pets section of your profile,

3. Add your pet's essential details,

Note: If you own a cat, select the breed as "Cat" under the breeds section. The website currently does not support cat breeds, however this feature should be added very soon!

4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Your pet profile should now look like this:

Your pet profile will now be created! You will now be able to add extra details to your pet's profile, such as a picture by selecting Basic profile on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Add a Pet while Booking a Sitter.

You can also add your pet when sending a booking request to a Pet Sitter. This speeds up the process, however this may mean you will have to clarify a few pet details with your Sitter. Instructions on how to add a pet during the booking process can be found below:

1. Find your purrfect sitter on the website,

2. Click Contact Sitter on the right hand side of their profile page,

3. Under "Who needs the service?", click Add Your Pets, then Add New Pets,

4. Under "Tell us more about your pets," click on the type of pet you have selected, which is in blue,

5. Fill in your pet's name, breed and gender,

6. Click Save.

You have now added your basic pet details! You can update these details by heading to the Your Pets section on your Dashboard.