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How do I access the Online Training Course and download the certificate of completion?

We are so excited that you have started your Mad Paws Pet Sitter Profile Application!

As part of our four-step verification process, Sitters must sit a mandatory Pet Sitting Training Course. This course teaches you how to use the Mad Paws website, and gives you a rundown of the processes involved in Pet Sitting. By the time you have finished the course, you should be an expert on all things about Mad Paws! Also, you have to gain a 100% mark in the course to receive a Certificate and progress the next stage!

Let's get started:

NB: This first section tells you how to access the course, if you have already completed the course and just need to download your certificate, please scroll to the bottom of this article. Click HERE to go straight to the course page.

1. To access the Mad Paws Pet Sitter Online Training Course, you need to Sign Up and create an account in OpenLearning. Click HERE to access the website.

2. You will then be directed to the Open Learning page to access the Pet Sitter Success Course 

3. Read through the instructions then click Modules to begin.

4. The modules have three parts: Module 1 - Boosting your Profile in the Search Rankings, Module 2 - Managing your Mad Paws Bookings, and Module 3 - Emergencies, Insurance & Damage. You will need to complete the course before you can proceed to another course and module. You will see a ✔once you have completed the course and a progress bar on the right corner of the module.

5. Once you've submitted your answers and scored 100%, download your shiny new certificate by clicking on the badge icon next to the process bar at the top of your page:

6. Click on Download Certificate and your course certificate should be automatically downloaded as a PDF file. Please then upload that PDF file of your certificate either to your Mad Paws Dashboard or by attaching it in an email to

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