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How do I access the Online Training Course and download the Certificate of Completion?

We are so excited that you have started your Mad Paws Pet Sitter Application!

To become a Mad Paws Sitter you will need to complete our tailormade Pet Sitting Course and Quiz

You will to achieve 100% in the Quiz and then download your Certificate of Completion.

 We have crafted a 20min Course and Quiz to help you better understand: 

  • How to use the Mad Paws Platform
  • How you can influence your Profile Rankings
  • How to create the right kind of Profile
  • How to respond to an Owner Enquiry 
  • How our Accident Cover protects You and Pets in your care


Let get started!


1. To access the Mad Paws Pet Sitter Course, you need to Sign Up and create an OpenLearning Account. Click HERE to access the Course and Quiz. 

2. After registering you will be directed to our Course. The Three Lines in the top left are your Navigation Menu and top right Your Progress Bar will show you how you are tracking. Once you have completed the course and Quiz the Progress Bar will show “You Are Awesome!” 

3. Read through the instructions then click the Navigation Bar (in the top left) to begin by click on Modules

4.You will need to complete the course before you can proceed to another module. You will see a ✔ once you have completed a module. You will need to complete all modules and the quiz to be issued with your Certificate of Completion. 

5. Once you've completed the Quiz and scored 100%, download your Certificate of Completion by clicking on the badge icon next to the process bar at the top of your page: 

6. Click on Download Certificate and your Certificate of Completion should automatically download as a PDF file. Upload the PDF file of your Certificate to your Mad Paws Dashboard or email to with the Subject Line: Certificate of Completion. 

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