We are so glad you have found a Pet Sitter that you'd like to look after your fur baby!

At Mad Paws we know how hard it is to leave your pet in the care of someone else and it's vital to be able to feel reassured that they are a perfect match for your pet.

We really encourage our Pet Sitters to arrange a Meet and Greet, whereby they can meet the pet and ensure that you, as a Pet Owner, feels comfortable that they are able to provide the level of care requested. They are even prompted during the booking process before they approve the booking, to commence a Meet and Greet (see the image below)

If they do not mention a Meet and Greet, feel free to suggest one to the Pet Sitter when you are messaging them to organise the booking. 

Meet and Greet Information Sheet

To make your Meet and Greet run smoothly and to ensure you've covered all elements of the care of your pet we have included a Meet and Greet Information Sheet. Fill this out before your Meet and Greet with the Pet Sitter, and walk through each point with them to ensure they know all expectations. 

Pet Sitting Checklist

If the Pet Sitter is staying at your home there is also a Pet Sitting Checklist attached, which will let them know if you require them to do any additional tasks whilst you're away such as watering plants or taking out the bins.

You can also copy these forms and leave them with the Pet Sitter if you decide to proceed with the booking, so that the Pet Sitter can review it whilst you are away.

If the pet stay is long term then we also recommend that your pet does a short overnight stay leading up to the start of the long booking. This is a great way to make sure that the pet will settle in well with the Pet Sitter, as this is the most important factor when it comes to having a successful booking.