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How can I make sure my Pet Sitter profile is purrrfect?

Our Top 5 Tips for creating an eye catching profile!

1. Your Headline:

Your headline will be shown in the search results when a Pet Owner is first looking for their perfect Sitter. Make sure your Headline makes you stand out!

We usually suggest something about your love for pets and your location. This is really helpful to our Pet Owners so they know that you are in a suitable location.

2. Your Profile Picture and other photos:

Make sure your profile photo shows your lovely smiling face clearly. We also highly recommend your profile photo includes a pet or an animal. Pet Owners love to see Pet Sitters enjoying the company of animals and are immediately drawn to profiles which have a pet in their profile photo.

The more photos the better!! Don't forget that you can add as many photos as you like to your profile when you initially create it, and throughout your time as a Mad Paws Pet Sitter. Some suggestions of photos Pet Owners love to see are:

  • You with your pets
  • Your pets having fun and being pampered
  • Any parks or outdoor spaces where their pet will play or spend lots of time in
  • If you will be offering Pet Hosting, show them photos of where their pet will stay and your garden/yard where they will play

3. Your Cover Photo:

Many Pet Sitters don't utilise the cover photo carousel feature. However, we have found that Pet Owners are more attracted to profiles which have cover photos. It's a great way for you to express your personality and let the Pet Owner get to know you a little better.

To edit your cover photo carousel, go to Profile and click on Photo Gallery section, then just click on the + to add photos:

This is what the Pet Owners will see:

4. Your Service Description:

Now for the fun part - tell potential Pet Owners all about yourself. Remember to add as much detail to your Service Description (also labelled "Your Story") in your Mad Paws profile. Owners are 80% more likely to contact you if you do!

We've provided some ideas of the information we love to see when reviewing your profile:

  • Why do you want to be a Pet Sitter?
  • Tell us about your pets if you have some - Do they get on well with other pets? What are they called?
  • How will you go above and beyond with the services you are providing? 
  • Do you have experience looking after pets? Tell us about that!
  • If you're pet hosting, tell us about your home and why it's suitable for pets
  • Why should they book you as their trusted Pet Sitter? Let the Pet Owner know why you're the perfect person to look after their pet

5. Profile Stats

Don't forget to complete your extended profile too. This is where you can set your cancellation policy, as well as provide more information about your qualifications and experience.

At the top of your profile this shows the badges you have, number of reviews and your response rate. Keep an eye on your response rate, if it drops below 70% we may have to deactivate your profile and we'd hate to see you go!

Don’t forget to read our other articles to learn more about how to be the best sitter.

Once you have completed these steps your profile will be ready and will start attracting Pet Owners! This means your chances of securing bookings and being a great sitter is so much higher - Good Luck!

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