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We are relaunching our Website!

We have some exciting news: on the 23rd of August we'll be relaunching our website! This new website will deliver a better, smoother experience for our community, and we can’t wait to roll it out. We recommend that you keep an eye on the updates we’ll be posting on our blog. We will also be updating all our FAQs to help you along the way! 

This Article is here just to give you all a brief overview of the main changes you will see on our new website! Please note that all of your old information will move over to our new website and so you won't need to re-enter in any information. We have added a few new features and so at some point we may need to ask you for additional new information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask about them on our Discussion boards in this Helpdesk. 

Navigation Bar Upgrade

The navigation bar has been redesigned so you will now have easier access to more functions. This easier access will help you all to control, manage, and organise your Mad Paws Account and Bookings. Below is a deeper explanation into the main changes you will see: 


Your Dashboard will now be found under the Account tab. You will now find all of your old Dashboard information under the Account tab Overview. This includes information such as your Balance, Personal Details, Settings, and your Pet Profile. To see what the new Dashboard looks like in more detail, click here


The old About tab has been separated into Account and Profile. Your Account will now be the home of all of your personal details, while your Profile will feature your public-facing info. 

For Pet Owners: 

Photos that were previously uploaded in the About section will now be uploaded and sent to you via Messages from your chosen Pet Sitter. You will be able to find an overview of all these cute photos under the new tab Photos.

For Pet Sitters: 

Your Pet Sitter profile now features a photos carousel at the top of the page, this has replaced the old "Cover Photo". This will allow you to better showcase both your personal photo uploads and the photos taken during your bookings. If you currently only have one photo on your profile, you will need to upload at least two more.

We have also streamlined the layout of your Pet Sitter Profile. This means that Pet Owners will better be able to identify the services you offer. To see what the new About pages looks like in more detail, click here.



What is currently your Inbox will now be separated into Messages and Bookings. This will allow you to keep your bookings info in one dedicated space: Bookings. You can also now keep track of your messages to each individual Pet Sitter (or Pet Owner) via the Messages tab. 

On the new platform, you will only have one message stream with each Pet Sitter/or Pet Owner. This will make it faster, easier, and cleaner to manage conversations with each other. You will also be able to access your Bookings via your Message history with each other. (Think one text messaging conversation, linking to multiple bookings!) To see what the new Inbox looks like in more detail, click here.

Edit booking details

For Owners:

In the old system you used to be able to "Modify Booking" and change the date of the booking, you will still be able to do the same thing but in the new website you will be able to find this under the Edit function in your Booking Details.

For Sitters: 

You’ll still be able to offer special prices to Pet Owners via the new website. If you need to change the details of an upcoming booking - such as the price - you will now be able to do so via the Edit function in your Booking Details.


New “Add Booking” Functionality (Pet Owners only) 

Do you have a Pet Sitter you love? Thanks to our brand new “Add Booking” functionality, you will be able to organise repeat bookings with a favourite Pet Sitter without needing to submit your details all over again. This can be accessed via the Booking Details, either in your Messages or Bookings tab. 

Calendar (Pet Sitter Only)

We have given the Calendar a visual reskin, and we hope it's will be a lot easier for you all to update your availability! You will now be able to find it under the Profile tab.

What is the new Photos Tab? 

This tab used to be found under the About section. You will now be able to see an overview of the photos relating to each and every booking! We are excited that your photos are now way more accessible. 

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