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Our brand new Inbox!

What is currently your Inbox will now be separated into Messages and Bookings. This will allow you to keep your booking information in one dedicated space: Bookings. You can also now keep track of your messages to each individual Pet Sitter (or Pet Owner) via the Messages tab. 


On the new platform, you will only have one message stream with each Pet Sitter/or Pet Owner. This will make it faster, easier, and cleaner to manage conversations with each other. You will also be able to access your Bookings via your Message history with each other. (Think one text messaging conversation, linking to multiple bookings!

Note: The messages looks the same for Owners and Sitters

A more detailed view of a Message stream: 


The Bookings tab is where you will be able to find an overview of all your bookings. 

You can now filter based on the booking status and/or the Owner or Sitter with whom you have a booking. The Bookings tab will have a list of every booking you have ever done, and when you select a certain booking the relevant booking details will show on the right hand side. 

You can also go back to the message stream with that particular Sitter/Owner by clicking on "View Conversation"

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