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What happens after a booking finishes?

You have finished your booking! That's great news!

Below we have outlined what to expect after a booking finishes:

  1. Once the Pet Owner has been reunited with their beloved pet, they will be sent an email to prompt them to Confirm the End of Stay
  2. The Pet Owner will then log into their account, they will Confirm the End of Stay and they will be able to leave a review for you. 
  3. Once they have done this, the funds will be released into your Mad Paws account. To find out how to redeem your Mad Paws balance click here!

What happens if the Owner does not Confirm the End of Stay straight away?

Feel free to reach out to the Pet Owner and give them a gentle reminder. Sometimes the Pet Owner simply forgets to confirm the booking has ended, this is why we send them automated emails to give them a small nudge.

Don't worry, if a Pet Owner does not Confirm the End of Stay the funds will be automatically released to your Mad Paws account after 7 days. 

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