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What do my Sitter Stats mean?

You've probably seen from our new monthly emails that we are now providing our Sitters with a way to track and improve their performance which will boost their ranking in the search results for Sitters in their area.

In this article we'll take you through all the different stats and various tips on how to improve them. Think of this as the Holy Grail on how to get more furry bookings and make sure people are noticing your amazing profile!

Sitter Performance

This is your overall rating. We have 5 brackets that each Sitter may fall into depending on their performance:

  • PAWSOME! - You're one of our top Sitters! Congratulations on all your hard work. All you need to do now is make sure you hold on to that crown!
  • Great - You're one step above average, which is amazing. Keep up the great work! 
  • Good - This is where our average Sitter sits. 
  • Almost There! - The level is just one step away from being one of our average Sitters. 
  • Needs Improvement - The only way is up! This is the base level at which a Sitter can be ranked. This level means that the Sitter has some improvements that need to be made. Don't fret - keep reading and we'll tell you how you can get back on track.

Completed Bookings

This is the number of bookings you've completed. The booking must have been paid for and the Owner must have confirmed the end of stay.

How do I improve this?

The best way to ensure your Completion Rate increases is to ensure you only receive booking requests that you're able to complete. By updating your calendar you'll only receive booking requests for the days you're available. 

Completion Rate

This is the ratio of completed bookings compared to the number of booking requests you've received. The average percentage is 40% so don't worry if your number isn't that high. 

How do I improve this?

We know that life is busy and sometimes you just can't make time for a furry client. By updating your calendar you'll only receive booking requests for the days you're available.  You also won't need to decline lots of requests, which will improve your Completion Rate. Easy!

Repeat Customer Rate

This is the percentage of bookings which have been completed with a returning pet. Making sure your furry clients come back to you through Mad Paws when their parents book their next holiday is really important as it is a top factor in our search results. More than that, what could be better than creating a lasting bond with a pet?! 

How do I improve this?

Providing an exceptional service to the pet and the Pet Owner are top priority. A Pet Owner will usually contact you for their next holiday if they were impressed with their initial booking with you. Always make sure all your bookings are made through the Mad Paws site so that your Repeat Customer Rate increases. Find more info about why you should keep your bookings on the Mad Paw site by following this link.

Response Rate

This is the percentage of bookings to which you respond. Our advice would be to aim to keep your Response Rate between 80 - 100%. Anything less than this will mean that you will not show up on the first screen of our search rankings.

How do I improve this?

Easy! Respond to every booking request that comes through. Even if you cannot take the booking it's best to let the Pet Owner know. If you're busy and don't have time to write a lengthy reply don't feel bad about letting them know that you'll check your availability and get back to them later on in the day. 

Response Time

This is how long it takes from the time you receive a booking request to the time you respond to the Pet Owner. Remember, this doesn't mean you have to accept or decline the booking. It's just the time it takes you to message them back in response to their enquiry. 

How do I improve this?

Our advice would be to respond to all booking requests as soon as you can. We know that some days are super busy and responding to a booking request isn't easy. We'd suggest just respond to let them know that you'll be able to get back to them later on in the day. This will ensure your response time stays high. 

Average Star Rating

The star rating is calculated by all the reviews you have been given by Pet Owners who've used your services. Our average Sitter's star rating is between 4.5 - 5 stars. You will also see the number of reviews you have. 

How do I improve this?

Check out our Mad Paws blog for some great articles on keeping pets happy in your care. Some other advice would be to ensure that you have a Meet and Greet before approving a booking to gather all the information about what makes them tick. You also need to keep the Pet Owner updated on their pet whilst they're away. The best way to do this is by sending them lots of photos and videos to see what a blast they're having with you. 

Badges Attained 

Each badge has a value so make sure you apply for as many badges as possible. This will ensure you're at the top of the search results in your area.

How do I improve this?

Apply for more badges. You can find a list of our badges here. We'd highly recommend getting a Police Check as it's the highest rated badge and will really boost your profile. Find out more about our discounted police checks here

Calendar Updated

Updating your Calendar regularly also determines your ranking. The longer you leave it between updates the further you might drop in the search results. 

How do I improve this?

Simple: update your Calendar weekly. If your Calendar is up to date already, just click on Calendar Up To Date in the Calendar tab on your profile. 

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