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How does Mad Paws help me resolve any issues I have with a booking?

In the unlikely event that a problem arises during a booking, Mad Paws will try their best to assist in coming to the best resolution possible. We understand that everyone is only human (except the pets of course!) and the inevitable situation does come up. 

However, we do find that most issues can easily be resolved by approaching the other party directly with a calm and factual message via your Mad Paws inbox. 

If a problem does arise and you are unable to resolve this by contacting the other party then please send the following to

  1. Subject title to include the booking reference number and the words DISPUTE
  2. A written report of what happened
  3. Any supporting documentation that you may have (i.e. photos, screenshots of messages, invoices)
  4. Your ideal outcome

Once all information has been received your case will then be reviewed by our Pet Sitter Manager. They will investigate the dispute thoroughly and will try to assist both parties in coming to a fair decision based upon our Terms of Service. Once a decision has been made by the Pet Sitter Manager this will be communicated to both parties and the case will be closed. 

Please note, for a case to eligible for review it must:

  • Be booked and paid for via the Mad Paws platform
  • The dispute must be reported within 72 hours of the booking end date
  • Not be a dispute against the Mad Paws Terms of Service, for example the Pet Sitter's cancellation policy

Our aim is to provide an impartial place for Pet Owners and Pet Sitters to voice their concerns and come to an amicable solution. 

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