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The Messages tab in your Mobile App

We have launched a new feature to help everyone organise their Messages so their Messages tab isn't a crowded mess! 

To Archive a message please follow the steps outlined below. If you want to Unarchive a message scroll down to see instructions on how to do this. 

1. In your Messages tab, swipe to the left on a message you would like to Archive, and once you see the green "Archive" please click on this to archive that booking:

2. Once you have swiped left and successfully archived your message you will see a grey success message at the top of your App: 

If you have accidentally Archived a message don't worry! You can still find them in your archived messages tab and even unarchive them. To do this follow the below steps: 

1. Go to your Archived Messages section in your App, and then follow the same process as above. Swipe left on the message you want to unarchive and hit the unarchive button: 

2. You will then see a success message that you have unarchived that message. You will then be able to find this in your Messages tab again. 

Please note that if you have archived a message and the owner sends you a new message, that message will automatically unarchive itself and show in your Messages tab. 

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