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How do I provide feedback about a pet to a Pet Owner?

Are you an amazing Pet Sitters who'd love to provide some feedback about how a pet was during a booking? Look no further! 

The Mad Paws team, with the help of some of our best Pet Sitters, have put together a fun downloadable Repawt Card for our Sitters to use. With this Repawt Card, we can let the Pet Owner know if their pet has had a pawsome time!

It's also a great way to let a Pet Owner know if there have been any issues (if you feel a bit uncomfortable to discuss it directly, which we'd always suggest to do first) or even if their pet has been the purrrfect companion. For example, if Rex has been chewing your best shoes or if Sir Pussington the Third didn't eat all day, you can simply document it in the Repawt Card.

The Repawt Card can also be a great way to suggest some extra training for a pet before their next booking.

You can find the downloadable Repawt Card below.

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