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Pet Sitter Cancellation Policy

Why have Mad Paws updated their Sitter Cancellation Policy?

We have all had those scenarios where plans change, you get last minute tickets to your favourite concert or you accidentally double book yourself, but what happens if you already have a paid booking?

A lot goes on behind the scenes when a paid booking is cancelled to ensure that the pet and Pet Owner are not left without a Pet Sitter. We always try to find an alternative solution for the Pet Owner and this can take time and stress to ensure their fur baby is cared for by the most appropriate Sitter. We'd recommend that you help the Pet Owner to find a replacement Sitter by sending through some links of other Mad Paws Sitters in their area too. This can help keep a great relationship and you never know, they might book with you again in the future!

With extensive research and analysis, we have found that this is a very large problem and can really affect the Mad Paws experience for the Pet Owner. 

What are the rules around cancelling a booking?

To ensure that bookings are only cancelled when absolutely necessary we are introducing a new Sitter Cancellation Policy to try to prevent cancellations made by the Pet Sitter without a valid reason. We know that sometimes there are emergencies or unavoidable circumstances which mean a booking has to be cancelled, if you let us know this in your email to then this will be taken into account and you may be exempt from the rules outlined below. Every cancellation will be assessed on a case by case basis as we always like to get the whole picture.

Please find below our overview of the rules around cancelling a paid booking:

  • A Pet Sitter's profile is suspended for 1 month if a Pet Sitter cancels a booking within 10 days of the booking start date unless there is an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. 
  • A Pet Sitter's profile is deactivated if the Pet Sitter does not provide a response to Mad Paws within 72 hours when questioned as to why they cancelled the booking.
  • A Pet Sitter's profile is deactivated if a Pet Sitter cancels 2 bookings within 12 months
  • If a Pet Sitter cancels during a booking where no Meet and Greet was done (not by the fault of the owner) the Pet Sitter’s account is suspended for 1 month. (Exclusion: if a booking was made within 2 days of start date and a Meet and Greet was unable to be conducted)

How do I let Mad Paws know if I need to cancel a booking?

As per our normal process, any cancellation initiated by the Pet Sitter should be reported to and Pet Owner with:

  • The booking reference number
  • An outline of why the booking has to be cancelled
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