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I don't have any reviews yet, how do I show Pet Owners that I will be a great Sitter?

Starting out as a Pet Sitter can be tricky! How do you show Pet Owners that you are trustworthy and perfect for their Pet when you haven't had any bookings yet? 

Have no fear! We have a great way to show potential clients that you'll be the best selection to look after their pet even without any bookings with the Mad Paws site. 

Simply request some testimonials from past pet sitting clients, friends and family. Remember, a great character reference can work wonders if you have never done any pet sitting in the past.

BONUS - By adding testimonials you will also improve your ranking on any search results for your area!

1. Login to your Mad Paws Pet Sitter Profile. You'll land on your Dashboard. Click on Request Testimonials.

2. You'll then be able to type a message to your family, friend or past client to request a great testimonial. You can also preview this message by clicking the Preview Your Message button. 

3. Don't forget to add their email address, then click Send Email Message or Send with Facebook

4. Your testimonial request will be sent to the email address you added. They will be required to follow a link and input their testimonial. This will then show up on your profile. It will look like this!

We hope that once you get some amazing testimonials you'll see some booking requests coming your way! For more ideas on how to boost your profile, check out this FAQ!

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