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How do I make a Repeat Weekly Booking?

For its trial, we have tailored this feature to Pet Owners who have already made recurring bookings via Mad Paws. As we are trialling this feature with a small group of Sitters, we will let Owners know if a Dog Walker they have booked in the past is offering this feature. After that, all an Owner will need to do is contact their Sitter by making a Booking Request.

After you have logged in, click on the side menu

Navigate to and click on ‘Rebook a Sitter’

Select a Sitter to ‘Rebook’

Once you’re on the Sitter’s profile page, initiate contact with the Sitter by filling out the booking details by:

  1. Selecting ‘Dog Walking’

  2. Entering the number of dogs

  3. Selecting the date you’re after and clicking on the Contact button

On step 1:

Select ‘Repeat Weekly’

Click on ‘Week Starting’

Select the Monday of the week in which you would like the Repeat Weekly Bookings to commence

For example: If your first Repeat Weekly Booking falls on Tuesday 13th and Friday 16th August, select Monday 12th August.

Select the days of the week on which you’d like recurring Dog Walks every week

For example: Every Tuesday and Friday

Hit ‘Save’ and progress through steps 2 to 4 to complete the process of contacting your Pet Sitter.

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