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Mad Paws Accident Cover - What is included?

While they are rare, we understand that accidents can happen. For this reason, we’ve organised Accident Cover to help protect you from unexpected costs if something goes wrong. 

The coverage only applies to all Pet Services paid for through the Mad Paws and Mad Paws Fetch platforms. 

Read on to learn about the kinds of events that are covered by our policy.

What is Covered? 

While many Owners already have pet health insurance, our policy aims to reduce the financial risk even further by covering certain events for our clients and Sitters. 

Veterinary coverage: 

  • Injuries sustained by the Mad Paws guest pet while in the Sitter’s care  

  • Illness to the Mad Paws guest pet directly caused by the Pet Sitter’s actions

Public liability: 

  • Injury to members of the general public caused by the pet while in the Sitter’s care

  • Damage to the property of a third party caused by a Mad Paws pet. 

The Monetary Details

  • Each claim will be subject to a $350 excess payment (to be covered by the Sitter).  

  • There is a claim limit of $5,000 in veterinary costs per pet. 

  • There is a $10m limit for Public Liability compensation to a third party for damage to property or personal injury as a result of the Sitter’s negligence.

What is not covered

  • Damage or medical care required as a result of any Meet and Greet appointments arranged between Owners and Sitters 

  • Any property damage caused by a Sitter or a pet to an Owner’s property, a Sitter’s property, a landlord’s property or any other person’s property visiting or living in the residence; bodily harm or physical injuries caused by the guest pet to the Sitter, Sitter’s family, or any other person visiting or living in the same household; 

  • Treatment of pre-existing veterinary conditions, self-inflicted wounds caused by allergies, pre-existing illness, or any other type of pre-existing condition; old age or conditions that can be prevented such as flea/tick/insect bites.

  • Please review the full list of exclusions here

Who is eligible?

To qualify, the issue resulting in the claim must have occurred during a service that was booked and paid for via Mad Paws or Mad Paws Fetch before the start of the service. 

The issue must be a direct result of the actions or inaction of the Sitter and there must be evidence to prove this. 

As there is a $350 excess for all claims, the value of the claim must exceed $350 for it to be lodged. 

Extra conditions?

Mad Paws Accident Cover coverage is also always secondary to any relevant pet insurance the Pet Sitter or Pet Owner may already have. Therefore, any claims must be lodged and finalised with the Owner/Sitter’s insurance first. For more details, please visit our full Terms of Service.

What do I need to do to claim Mad Paws Accident Cover?

First and foremost, in the event of an emergency, please follow our emergency protocol. Once you have done this, you can proceed with the process. 

If you believe that an incident is covered by the Accident Cover, you must provide us in writing (

  • A full description of the events leading up to the Incident;

  • Written notice of the incident no later than seven (7) days after the end date of the relevant booking;

  • All documentation available to you (e.g. invoices and veterinary notes from the initial veterinary examination);

  • Contact details for the veterinary practice or hospital the pet attended;  

  • The Pet Owner’s own pet insurance coverage details (if applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I contact to check if an incident is covered by Mad Paws Accident Cover?

You can speak with our Customer Experience Team by emailing  or via phone on (02) 8046 6536. 

Why is the excess not covered by Mad Paws when they take a fee from every booking? 

As highlighted above, Mad Paws Accident Cover covers relevant expenses over $350. While this may not seem helpful if you face an expense of $340, it can make all the difference for an expense of, say, $3,000. Beyond the policy, Mad Paws’ fee covers a range of other expenses. These include: 

  • Marketing and advertising to attract new clients for Mad Paws Pet Sitters;

  • Maintenance of and improvements to our app and website;

  • Our Customer Experience Team, who are available 7 days a week to assist with all bookings and queries. 

How long does it take for a claim to process?

Although it varies with each case, as some cases require detailed investigation, we expect a resolution within 2 - 6 weeks of lodging your claim. 

How do I know if my Accident Cover claim will be successful? 

We cannot guarantee a claim will be successful as the decision is made by the insurance company. However, the Mad Paws team can guide you through the claim process to ensure you have all the evidence you need to present a compelling case. 

What do I do if my claim is rejected? 

In the event that a claim isn’t covered, please look at our Terms Of Service to determine which party may be responsible for any unexpected costs. 

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