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Completion Rate - What is it & How to increase it to help me?

Simply put, if you complete most of the booking requests that come your way, you’ll rank higher in the search results. Our search algorithm favours Sitters who complete the majority of the booking requests they receive. More great bookings will also lead to more great reviews, which will give you a further boost. 

How to increase your Booking Completion Rate

  • Complete as many booking requests as possible. Every time you turn a booking request into a completed booking, your Booking Completion Rate will increase. The result? A higher position in our search rankings!

    • NB: needless to say, no Sitter can accept 100% of booking requests. We know this, and have structured our search rankings accordingly. Our algorithm also won’t downrank you for declining booking requests that don’t align with your Calendar availability. With this in mind, a highly ranked Sitter will achieve a Booking Completion Rate of around 80%.

    • NB: If you feel that you aren’t comfortable taking on a pet for any reason, don’t hesitate to decline. We know this happens every now and then, and the algorithm takes it into account.

  • If you can’t accept a booking request, reply to the Owner as quickly as possible. This will boost your Response Rate, which will positively affect your rank (which we’ll explore in greater depth later).

  • Keep your Calendar updated on a daily basis to reflect your availability for all the services you offer. Be as specific as possible - right down to the hour - for each different service. This will serve two purposes: 

    • It will discourage Pet Owners from sending you booking requests for times that you aren’t available.

    • A regularly updated Calendar will propel you higher in the search rankings.

  • Detail your preferences as clearly as you can in your Profile. That way, Pet Owners will be less likely to send you a booking request for a service you don’t provide. For example, if you only care for small dogs, mark that in your Profile.

Where Can I see mine?

On a fortnightly basis (Starting March 2020) we will send you an email which contains a dashboard of all your statistics.

How is it Calculated?

Booking Completion Rate (CV) - This is a percentage. It is calculated by looking at the total amount of Booking Requests you have received and comparing to how many you have accepted and completed.

E.g John S has had 65 booking requests since he has been with Madpaws and 46 he has completed. His CV = (46/65)*100 = 70.7%

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