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Response Rate - What is it & how to increase it to help me?

It looks at the amount of times you have responded back to a customer. When you respond to messages quickly, our search algorithm ranks you more highly. It doesn’t matter if you say “I’d love to accept your booking”, “I’m afraid I can’t meet your needs”, or “Can I get back to you?” Provided you respond promptly, and maintain a 100% Response Rate, you’ll climb in the rankings. 

This not only looks better for you but also provides a better experience for the Pet Owner

Where Can I see mine?

You can view this on your profile, it will be displayed near your profile picture. It is also displayed on the search results page on your profile tile.

On a fortnightly basis (Starting March 2020) we will send you an email which contains a dashboard of all your statistics.

How is it Calculated?

This is a percentage. It looks at the amount of times you have responded back to a customer vs how many times you haven’t.

Tip: Maintaining a 100% response rate helps your search ranking!

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