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COVID-19 and Pet Sitting: What You Need to Know

What a crazy time to be alive, huh? First droughts, then nation-spanning bushfires, then floods, and now Coronavirus. If the swarm of locusts plaguing Africa and the Middle East reaches Australia, we won’t be surprised. With so many safety measures in place, it’s normal for Pet Owners to worry about their furry friends. While we’ve answered the question “Can Coronavirus Affect your Pet?“, we still have more insights to share about COVID-19 and Pet Sitting. After all, the needs of our furry friends wait for no virus. Pets still need care, dogs still need Walks, and we’re here to ensure it all happens safely.

In this piece, we set out to answer any concerns you may have about COVID-19 and Pet Sitting. During this trying time, you can rest easy knowing your pet is still receiving the care and exercise they require. 

NB: The Mad Paws Team is monitoring all updates from the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation. We’ll update this article with more info as we receive it, so please keep it bookmarked. 


COVID-19 and Pet Sitting


“How should we conduct Meet & Greets during the COVID-19 pandemic?” 

Right now, our motto is “err on the side of caution”. To this end, we suggest:

  • organise a virtual Meet & Greet over the phone, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. This way, you can confirm that everyone is healthy before you meet in person.
  • Not sure what to ask over the phone, or how to ensure you’re healthy? We advise you visit the Department of Health’s online resource for Coronavirus.
  • Once you’ve confirmed everyone is free of symptoms, you can arrange a standard Meet & Greet.
  • If you’re not 100% certain that everyone is healthy, you can always amend the Meet & Greet process.
    • For example, you could conduct the Meet & Greet Pet Sitting checklist over the phone, then arrange a physical Meet & Greet for the pet and the Sitter.
    • By doing so, a pet and Sitter can get to know each other before the pet’s Owner confirms a booking. As current research indicates that pets can’t suffer from Coronavirus, this is a safe option. 


“How do we conduct pet pickups and drop-offs while COVID-19 is a thing?” 

Should you have concerns, you can apply contactless pickup or drop-off for Pet Sitting services. One option is for a Sitter to collect/return your pet to and from the Owner’s car. This would occur instead of a face-to-face pickup and drop-off at the Sitter’s front door. If this something that would allow you to feel more comfortable, you can raise it during the phone Meet & Greet.


“I’m a Pet Owner, and I’m concerned I might need to go to hospital for COVID-19 treatment. Can I find a Pet Sitter to care for my pet while I’m in hospital?” 

Most definitely! In the unfortunate event that you require treatment, Mad Paws will work with you to find a trusted Sitter ASAP. Simply call us on (02) 8046 6536, or email us at Alternatively, you can browse our list of top Pet Sitters near you.


“I’m on holiday, and my return home has been delayed by Coronavirus. My pet is currently with a Mad Paws Pet Sitter. Can I extend my booking so they receive care until I’m home?” 

At Mad Paws, our chief goal during this period is to support our pet-loving community however we can. If your current Pet Sitter is unable to extend their booking, please contact us at, or on (02) 8046 6536. Our Team will do everything they can to find you a new Pet Sitter until you’re back with your furbaby. 


“I booked a Sitter to mind my pet during a holiday, but I’ve needed to postpone my holiday due to coronavirus. What happens to my booking?” 

If you’ve needed to postpone a holiday, please know you can always defer your Pet Sitting booking. That way, you can know that your Pet Sitter is already secured when you do take your holiday. Beyond that, our Pet Sitters would really appreciate it! After the impact COVID-19 has had on their businesses, it means a lot to know they have future bookings confirmed. This challenging time will be a make-or-break period for many Sitters, and your patience could make all the difference! 

Should you wish to cancel your booking, simply contact us at with your booking details. However, as COVID-19 has greatly reduced our staff capacity, it may take us some time to attend to your request. With this in mind, we ask for your patience while we process your cancellation.  


“I’m in self-isolation, but my dog still needs daily exercise. Is it safe for a Mad Paws Dog Walker to walk them through streets and dog parks during a pandemic?” 

For your dog, there exists no further danger. In fact, they’ll likely relish the chance to have the local park to themselves! Remember: no matter what happens in the world of humans, your furry friend still needs their daily walk. If you can’t walk them due to self-isolation, book your pooch a local Mad Paws Dog Walker

For Dog Walkers, the key is to maintain hygiene best practice. When walking a furry client, avoid crowded places; touch your face as little as possible; wear a mask if you can; maintain a distance of 1.5m from other people, and wash/sanitise your hands regularly. Having said that, we’re not medical experts, so we advise you to refer to the Department of Health.  


If you have any other questions, please reach out! Together, we can triumph against COVID-19.

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