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How much time is each Service Type? How long is Pet Day Care?

We recommend the following times for each service type:

  • Hosting (animal stays at your home) overnight up to 24 hours 

  • Sitting (you stay at animal’s home) overnight up to 24 hours 

  • Day Care up to 10 hours, drop off around 7-9am pick up 5-7pm

  • House Visit  30 minutes per visit

  • Dog Walk up to one hour

We recently asked a sample of Pet Sitter’s what they would expect to charge for a 
30 hour overnight stay, from midday until 6pm the next day. 

The majority agreed that having guidelines would help Owners understand what they were actually paying for and Sitters to manage their time better. In this scenario, the Owner would book One Overnight Stay plus One Day Care.

These are Community-wide Guidelines, introduced to help reduce the need for Sitters to explain when Day Care becomes an Overnight service (or vice-versa). This approach will:

  • Reduce confusion for Owners and Sitters over how long each service type lasts

  • Increase price transparency so that Owners know what they’re paying for

  • Allow Sitters to better manage their time 

  • Increase consistency across our Community

As always you and the Owner have the flexibility to come to a suitable agreement depending on your relationship with them and their animal's needs. 

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